Marble Granite Silent Calibrating Wheel

Brief Introduction:

Silent diamond calibrating wheel mounted on milling machine, line machine for grinding granite slab, marble slab, tile and other material surface, will be thick handle, the base of nylon, aluminum and other materials, to reduce noise pollution.
1. Silent diamond calibrating wheel using a nylon, aluminum and other materials, to reduce noise pollution
2. Silent diamond calibrating wheel has a thick high grinding efficiency, shape, size, accuracy and other characteristics,
3. This diamond calibrating wheel has good Knife-edged, long life, high speed for grinding
4. We have a common set thick round diamond and diamond-thick muffler round two products

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Specification of silence diamond calibrating wheels:
Diameter Grinding wheel width Segment Size Head gear Bore
long wide high
300mm 30mm






9mm 6.5mm 36 50mm


350mm 40
400mm 45
500mm 60
600mm 72


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