Rubber Coated Diamond Wire Saw

Rubber Wire saw are mainly used for granite quarry mining.The spring coating diamond rope saw are mainly used for soft stone material in stone quarry,  such as marble, limestone, travertine etc.The plastic coating diamond rope saw are mainly used for all kinds of stone block squaring, trimming, profiling in static machinery at factory.
1) Diameter:11.5mm
2) Bead/M:40
3) Manufacture Tech:sintered
4) Reinforcement:R+S
5) Cutting project:different kinds of concrete.
6) Meters/box:50

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1. Customize different formula and guarantee performance cost according to the mixing percentage of hard, medium, soft, abrasive stone, in order to maximize the performance.

2. Fine selected diamond with great strength and toughness ensures the sharpening feature and lifetime of the diamond wire.
3. Sophisticated sintering technology with well controlled temperature and pressure guarantees the diamond beads with great anti-abrasiveness feature.
4. Mature injection technology and production technique makes sure the plastic enter into every gap of cable and holds the diamond beads with firmness.
5. Self-developed automatic production equipment and strict inline and final inspection controls the quality and stability

Wire for granite quarry mining



Model No. Fixing Type Beads/m Material Type Sawing speed




Line speed




Rubber 40 Class1 4-6 15-25 25-30
GQR11.4B Rubber 40 Class3-4 2-5 8-15 22-26
GQR11.4C Rubber 40 Class4-5 1-2.5 4-9 18-23


Applications of Rubber coatiing wire saw
Applications of Rubber coatiing wire saw
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