Large Diamond Circular Saw Blade

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The stone blocks is a kind of stone material with certain shapes and size which mining from the quarry.Diamond block cutting saw blades is commonly used to cut block materials into slabs. There is another kind of block saw blade called band saw blade,this kind of blade is normally used for cutting marble material. And the circular block cutting saw blade can be use for cutting both marble and granite. The diameter of block saw blade is about 1000mm to 3500mm,and it normally applied on block cutting machine. With this machine, we can install one single block saw blade and also can install multi-saw blade for block cutting. The diameters of saw blades used by multiple blades can be the same or different. According to the sawing method, it can be divided into one-way sawing and two-way sawing. The two-way sawing can accomplish both vertical and horizontal sawing at the same time.

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