Stone Slab Clamp Lifter


* Compact structure allows for close packed stone slabs to be lifted out of racks and containers handily.
* Size: possible to lift two slabs with different height concurrently
* Versatile: the slabs can be placed closely to the walls
* Safety: the operation is activated within simple actions to reduce the physical injuries for uses
* Secure: It grips marble andgranite slabs firmly.

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Stone Slab Clamp Lifter-7
Stone Slab Clamp Lifter-7

Stone Slab Lifting Clamp

 This tools is application for material thicknesses of 15 to 60 mm, with the rubber linne jaws have been developed to handle material in slab or sheet form,stacked in racks, without damaging the material’s surface. they have a number of advantages over common lifting devices. This stone slab lifter is designed to transport granite, marble, engineered stone slabs. These lifters have a compact design allowing them to operate in areas where little headroom or space between slabs is an issue.

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